Simple OpenBazaar Cloud Hosting

Deploy a node to Digital Ocean in a few clicks

Step 1:
Sign-up for Digital Ocean
Includes $10 worth of credits
Step 2:
Generate an API token
Any token name works
Step 3: See how
e.g. 025370df16b30b5a6ddd40236817f78fcf4b02c1403524905bab790aaa60a543

⚠️ Invalid Token
⚠️ {{error}}
Setting up Digital Ocean droplet (takes 1 minute)...
droplet setup success

Installing OpenBazaar Relay (takes 2 minutes)...
Starting OpenBazaar Relay

Installing system packages (takes 1 minute)...

Installing OpenBazaar Server (takes 2 minutes)...
Starting OpenBazaar Server
Connect to OpenBazaar See how
IP Copy
Username Copy
Password Copy
Connect to SSH See how
IP Copy
Username Copy
Password Copy
Save Your Credentials!
Download OpenBazaar
Deploy Another Node
Where do I find my Digital Ocean token?
How do I connect my node to the OpenBazaar Client?
How do I connect my node via SSH?
How do I deactivate a node I deployed?
How much does it cost to host the node?
You can run an OpenBazaar node off the lowest cost droplet, which is $5 per month. If you sign-up via our referral code, you will get $10 credit, which is 2 months of running OpenBazaar for free!
Where can I learn more about Deploy?
You can learn more about Deploy by reading this article.